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Click the link above to read what my clients have to say about

Plumb Pooches Boarding and Daycare.

Below are four emails from Plumb Pooches clients.

I am so glad that we have found Laurie’s place beginning this summer! Namely, we

decided to go on a 6 week trip overseas and there was no way to take our dog Allie

with us. She was just a year old and a little shy with dogs. We found Laurie on-line,

went there, liked the place and the atmosphere. We could not have asked for more!

Laurie and her husband took great care of her on an everyday basis, taking her also

to the doctor when needed and providing home atmosphere for her. Allie gradually

became part of the family and this was much, much better than any other boarding

arrangement we have seen. Not mentioning very reasonable price compared to the

other places. If you are thinking about boarding your dog and want it to be around

other dogs and in a great family atmosphere, Plumb Pooches is a perfect choice.




I highly recommend you to anyone interested in either boarding or training their pets. We brought our German Sheppard puppy to you and he came back a completely different dog. He was a young puppy and we were having trouble with some bad habits. After being with you for the three weeks of training, we are so pleasantly surprised. He came home and is a completely different dog, he is adapting to living with our other 3 dogs, his potty training went very well, and it is so pleasant to say “sit” and he does it!!

I was actually worried that he would not be happy at home after seeing the way you

worked with him and the way he was treated with so much love and patience.

Before I chose you for his training, I tried to find a place closer to my home, but was unsuccessful. The places I checked out were no places that I would want to be left for any period of time. They seemed “cold” and didn’t really seem to be an atmosphere where there could be a lot of learning. There were cages in rooms and the dogs would have interaction only when they were actually being trained.

Also, a lot of the places have “blogs” and I read what the former clients had to say about the facilities that were not very good. I knew from the first time I talked to you on the telephone that you were well worth the drive. You sent photos of where he would be staying, encouraged me to come visit before I committed, but there

was no need. When I arrived at your home with our puppy, it was even nicer

than I thought it would be. Your pets welcomed him; I knew he was in good hands. I could leave having no worries that he would be well taken care of. You kept in contact, keeping me advised on his progress. When it was time for us to pick him up to bring him home you were just as helpful. The “students” at your home for training are treated like they are at home and your attention and care can be seen in their faces when you come to pick them up.

I was really worried he would be disappointed when he came home, because he looked at you with such devotion. You explained to us what we needed to do and gave us written instructions to help us with him. You recommended toys that would help with his “chewing” and encouraged us to contact you if we had any questions or concerns after we were back home. I feel I can either email or telephone you at anytime and you will be more than happy to help me with any concerns I have and that gives me confidence in maintaining the training he received.

I cannot say enough good things about your business and I would not hesitate to board my dogs with you in the future.

Anyone wishing to have their pet trained in a wonderful atmosphere and by an effective trainer, should not hesitate to come to you. There is not one thing I would have changed about his experience, and I would and will recommend your training to anyone.

They will not be disappointed.

D. Pruitt

Hey Laurie,

It's so wonderful for me to know that I can call you to help me with Lola and that she will be so well cared for when I am out of town. I will definitely pass along your number to anyone who asks me about boarding or training their dog.

You have done such an amazing job with Lola and it would be my pleasure to recommend you to others.

Good luck with the new business!

Eileen B.

Dear Laurie,

Thanks so much for the loving, attentive care you've given my two big labradoodles

when you've kept them in your home for boarding; they're precious to me, and knowing they were in such good hands gave me great peace of mind.

Especially, thanks for the great job with their training! My female is such a gentle, cooperative dog, but I still had trouble keeping her attention when we went for a walk. I am so pleased with the way you refreshed her "sit", "down", "stay", and "wait", and delighted with the way she walks nicely on the leash now.

She had a real phobia about stairs that I was afraid would interfere with training her to become a therapy dog; I particularly appreciate your working with her on stairs as well. I am very pleased with the progress she made in the two-week board and train; and the fee was very reasonable. I would never have tolerated anyone treating my labradoodles harshly, and felt very comfortable that you always treat them with real love and kindness.

My male has such a different personality than the female; he's much more robust,

excitable and energetic! He has a short attention span, was really reluctant to "down", and pulled strongly on his leash. I am absolutely amazed at how well he is doing after just two weeks of professional training! His "sit", "down" and "stay" have been perfect since you trained him; he is much, much better at "wait"; and I'm seeing a wonderful improvement in loose leash walking. I had introduced them to the Gentle Leader Head collar, and I could get him to walk nicely on my property with it, but he would be so distracted whenever we ventured out that walking him was miserable. After just two weeks with Plumb Pooches, we can go for a pleasant walk! As you suggested, we start out with him on the Gentle Leader, attach the leash to his collar instead of the Gentle Leader after a short ways, and then can remove the Gentle Leader for the last part of our walk. I never dreamed I'd be starting to wean him off the Gentle Leader so quickly! You've really done wonders with this sweet, lovable, but challenging big boy!

Both of my dogs came home very well trained, and just as sweet and affectionate as

ever. I pretty much expected that my female would do well, although helping her

overcome her stair-phobia was more than I expected. It was something like an A-B

student coming home with straight A's. My male's training was much better than I

thought possible; something like a child with learning disabilities earning straight A's in a mainstream classroom!

Many thanks for their training, for your patience and kindness, for understanding how much these dogs mean to me, and your being so trustworthy and reliable. I've had some experiences with other professional trainers for them and other dogs, but none have been as pleasant and successful as two weeks board and train with

Plumb Pooches.

Judy W.

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